Dolmens, Menhirs and other Megaliths in the Languedoc-Roussillon

The following is a list of Dolmens, Menhirs and other Megaliths in the Languedoc-Roussillon.
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Dolmens, Menhirs and other Megaliths in the Aude département (11)

Spectacular menhirs include the standing-stones at Counozouls (are 8, 90 metres ) and Malves-en-Minervois (5 metres high). Most of the other menhirs in the Département are 2 to 3 metres high.
Le Grand Menhir de Counozouls : Menhir at Counozouls 11140. Menhir. 8.9 mètres high, 50 tonnes. The tallest standing stone of the South of France and one of the tallest in Europe.
Dolmen de la Pierre Plantée: Dolmen at Fournes-Cabardès 11600.
Allée couverte de Saint Eugène: Dolmen at Laure-Minervois 11800. The second llargest domen n the sounth of France - 15 metres long, 30 metres wide. Classified Historical Monument
Menhir de Malves: Menhir at Malves-en-Minervois 11600. 5 metres high. Classified Historical Monument.
Dolmen de la Table des Maures: Dolmen at Massac 11330. Classified Historical Monument.
 Lo Morrel Das Fadas. Click for a larger photo in a new window. Lo Morrel Das Fadas: (Dolmen de Fados, French : le Dolmen du Coteau des Fées, English: the Fairies' Hillhock, Also known as the "Palet de Roland").   Menhir at Pépieux 11700, not far south of the D.52 running West of Siran.   This is the biggest passage tomb of the south of France, some 25 meters long and originally up to 2.5 metres high and concealed within a tumulus some 35 meters long.   The chamber has two entrances one on each side of the antechamber below the single surviving capstone.   This capstone is of a kind of limestone found 3 km away, and weighs an estimated 25-30 tons.   Other surviving stones of the tomb are of local sandstone.   Classified Historical Monument.
Menhir christianisé de la Pierre Droite: Menhir at Rieux-en-Val 11220. 2 metres high.
Menhir de Picarel: Mehir at Saissac 11310. 3 metres, 20 tonnes. Classified Historical Monument.
Dolmen de la Jagartière, (or Dolmen du Vieil Homme): Dolmen at Villeneuve-Minervois 11160. Classified Historical Monument.
Dolmen de Roquetraoucade: Dolmen. Half buried
La Pierre du Druide (The Druid Stone): Menhir, 2.5 metres.
Palats: Dolmen or collapsed Mehir ?
Cubieres: Dolmen.
La Mere De Dieu (The Mother Of God): Dolmen.
Rieux en Val: Menhir. 2 Metres high.
Peyrolles: Menhir. 3 Metres high.



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Dolmens, Menhirs and other Megaliths in the Pyrénées-Orientales Départment.(66)

Around 100 dolmens and fewer than 10 standing-stones are known in the Roussillon (ie French Catalonia, the modern Département of Pyrénées-Orientales).   They are remnants of the Véraza Culture (3000-2000 BC).   A particularity of megaliths in this area is engravings on the capstones, typically crosses and cups (engraved round holes on rocks.   More are to be found in the southern part of Catalonia across the modern Spanish border.
La Cabana Del Moro.
Pierre Plantee De Belesta: Fallen and brocken menhir, 3.5 metres tall.
La Creu De La Llosa.
La Balma De Na Cristiana.
Mouli Del Vent: French: Moulin À Vent, Wind Mill). Dolmen at Bélesta 66720.
La Lloseta
La Cabana Del Moro
Collets de Collioure. Dolmen. Classified Historical Monument; and Cova del Alarb. Dolmen. Classified Historical Monument, Argelès-sur-Mer 66700
Arles-sur-Tech: Dolmen. Arles-sur-Tech 66150. Classified Historical Monument.
Stèle néolithique gravée. Inscribed neolithic stele. Boule-d'Amont 66130
Dolmen de la Creu de la Llosa , Dolmen de la cote 507 , Dolmen près de la cote 538 , Rocher gravé, inscribed rock La Petra Scripta , all at Caixas 66300
La Caixeta. Dolmen at Camélas 66300. Classified Historical Monument.
Rocher de Fornols-Haut: Decorated rock at Campôme 66500. Classified Historical Monument.
Dolmen at Cerbère 66290 Classified Historical Monument.
Dolmen du Bragoly, Dolmen at Enveit 66760. Classified Historical Monument.
Pierre incrustée at Perpignan 66000. Classified Historical Monument.
Dolmen du Mas Payrot: Dolmen at Saint-Michel-sur-Llotes 66130. Classified Historical Monument.
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Dolmens, Menhirs and other Megaliths in the Hérault Départment (34)

More than 550 dolmens are known in the département of the Hérault. They were built about 3600 BC by tribes belonging to the Ferrières Culture.   The Causse du Larzac, the Lodève area, the Minervois, the Garrigues to the north of Montpellier, and especially around the Pic Saint-Loup are the most important concentrations of stones this part of Languedoc.
150 menhirs are known. The tallest is the Juoilles menhir (5 metres above ground).   A dozen or so others are more that 5 metres high.   Many are lying on the ground, and often broken (by Christians).   The limestone Causse du Larzac presents the most impressive standing stones of the département.   Standing stones in the Garrigues and Haut-Languedoc tend to be smaller (between 2.50 and 3 metres) and less numerous.
Prunarede 1: Dolmen, Causse Du Larzac.
Coste-Caoude 1: Dolmen, Causse Du Larzac.
La Rigoule Dolmen: Montagne De La Séranne.
La Fourille / Bosc Gamasc 1 & 2: Dolmen, Causse Du Larzac.
Grand Juyan De Roubiac: Dolmen, Garrigues. 10 Metres Long.
Coste Rouge: Menhir, Lodévois. 10 Metres Long. Not to be confused with the Dolmen de Coste Rouge, qv.
Prunarede 1: Dolmen, Causse Du Larzac.
Toucou 3: Basalt dolmen, Lodévois.
Lamalou: Dolmen, Garrigues.
Bois de la tude: Dolmen, Causse Du Larzac.
Ferrussac 1: Dolmen, Causse Du Larzac.
Coste-Caoude 1: Dolmen, Causse Du Larzac.
La Rigoule: Dolmen, montagne de la Séranne.
Le Capuchin: Dolmen, Garrigues. 15 meters long.
La Fourille: Dolmen, Causse Du Larzac.
Bosc Gamasc: Dolmen, Causse Du Larzac.
Lauze Couverte: Dolmen, Garrigues.
Grand Juyan de Roubiac: Dolmen, Garrigues. 10 metres long.
La Limite 1: Dolmen, Garrigues.
La Jasse de Seguin: Dolmen, Piémont Cévenol.
Le Pouget: Dolmen, Garrigues.
Ginestous: Menhirs (3), Piémont Cévenol.
Feuilles: Menhir, Piémont Cévenol, Garrigues. The tallest in the Herault at 5 metres.
La Viala: Menhir, Causse Du Larzac. Broken into three pieces.
Les Lavagnes: Menhir, montagne de la Séranne. 1.7 metres. Vandalised by a Christian cross on top. Also Lacam des Lavagnes: Menhir, montagne de la Séranne.
La Canourgue: Menhir, Causse Du Larzac.
La Vernede: Menhir, Causse Du Larzac. 4.75 metres.
2 menhirs de la Plaine du Coulet: Menhirs, Causse Du Larzac.
Vivios: Menhir, Causse Du Larzac.
 Ginestous. Click for a larger photo in a new window. Ginestous: 3 Menhirs, Piémont Cévenol. One shown on the right,
Col de la Pierre Plante: Menhir.
Cacavel: Menhir.
Folibric: Menhir. 2.5 metres.
Goursolles: Menhir. 2.5 metres.
Picarel: Menhir. 2.5 metres.
Statue-Menhir de Boisset: Decorated Menhir (representing a face ?).
Statue-Menhir de Cazarils: Decorated Menhir, representing a face.
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Dolmen de Roubiac and Dolmen du Grand Juyan de Roubiac: Cazevielle 34270
Cambon-et-Salvergues 34330 Statue menhir de Salverguettes
Menhir de la Pierre Blanche: Cazouls-les-Béziers 34370
Dolmen de la Cigalière. Cesseras 34210, Classified Historical Monument.
Dolmen du Capucin and Menhir de Puech Auroux. Laying on the ground. Claret 34270.
Pierre dite Autel de Malpas. Colombiers 34440. Classified Historical Monument.
Tombes mégalithiques de la Caissenole. Combes 34240.
Dolmen de Ferrières and Dolmen de la Baume: Ferrières-les-Verreries 34190.
Menhirs at Fraisse-sur-Agout. Statue menhir de Cambaissy, statue mehhir de Picarel le Haut, statue menhir in front of the Tourist Office, statue menhir near to a gîte rural. Fraisse-sur-Agout 34330
Menhir de la Quille. Joncels 34700.
Dolmen de Cavavel , statues menhirs de la Gruasse (3) , Statue menhir de Redondet Fragment de statue menhir du Col de la Bole . La Salvetat-sur-Agout 34330
Dolmen à couloir de Coste Claude . La Vacquerie-et-Saint-Martin-de-Castries 34520
Dolmen du Pigeonnier de Sallèles. Le Bosc 34700
Dolmen du Pas de Gallardet.   Dolmen, known locally as the Dolmen du Pouget.   It is one of the biggest and most impressive tombs in Languedoc-Roussillon, lying about 8 km SE of Clermont-l'Hérault.   It was re-used as a residence or sanctuary in Roman times, and was restored in 1977 by the municipality of le Pouget.   Neither the entrance passage nor the antechamber is roofed, though the main passage is.   The three large surviving roofstones are at a height of 2 metres.   Originally the whole thing would have been burried in a tumulus.   The dry-stone walling and corbelling of the large chamber are impressive with notable door, shaped like the opening of a traditional French bread-oven.   Le Pouget 34230
Dolmen de Feuilles , Dolmen de Juoilles , Dolmen du Lamalou. Classified Historical Monument. Menhir de Juoilles . Le Rouet 34380
Dolmen et tumulus des Bois Bas. Classified Historical Monument en 1889 Dolmen de Bruneau. Classified Historical Monument. Minerve 34210
Gravures rupestres de Peiro Escrito. Classified Historical Monument. Olargues 34390
Ensemble dolménique de Toucou. Classified Historical Monument. Octon 34800
Menhir de la Pierre Plantée. Saint-Gervais-sur-Mare 34610
Dolmen de la Draille , Dolmen de la Limite + another unnamed one nearby, + 2 oval tombs at Cazarils. Saint-Martin-de-Londres 34380
Dolmen du Belvédère. Classified Historical Monument. Saint-Privat 34700
 Coste Rouge. Click for a larger photo in a new window. Dolmen de Coste Rouge. A dolmen with an entrance door rather like an oven door. Classified Historical Monument as early as 1887. Soumont 34700
Dolmens au Mas Renard (3), Dolmens de Lacoste (3), including the "Lauze Couverte"). Vailhauques 34570
Dolmen des Carrières , Dolmen du Devois de Rambion , 9 tombes ovales et tumuli au Truc de Marti, Menhir de Truc de Marti (laying on the ground), Statue menhir (in the musée de Viols-le-Fort). Viols-le-Fort 34380
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