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Central Government of France:    French Symbols of State, national flag, national anthem, French motto, etc

The French TricolourThe French Flag: the Tricolore. The Tricolore (tricolour, tricoleur, tricolor) is only visual French symbol with the official sanction of article 2 of the French Constitution of 1958.   Click here for more on the Tricolore

The National Anthem of France: the Marseillaise. La Marseillaise was composed in Strasbourg in 1792 and originally known as the Battle Hymn of the Army of the Rhine; it became the national anthem on 14 July 1795 and is sanctioned as an official French symbol in article 2 of the French Constitution of 1958.    Click here for more on the Marseillaise

The French National Motto. The motto of the French Republic is "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity". This French symbol is sanctioned in article 2 of the French Constitution of 1958.  Click here for more on the French motto

The French National MottoThe French National Logo. A modern logo for the French Republic has been in use as a French symbol since 1999.
Click here for more on the French logo

The French Cypher: RF. France is officially referred to as the Republique Francaise, hence the use of the "RF" monogram as a French symbol. Click here for more on the "RF" cypher

The French National Holiday. The commemorates the storming of an old building, erroneously thought to hold political prisoners, on 14th July 1789. Click here for more on Bastille Day

Marianne, personified here by Brigit BardotThe Seal of the French RepublicThe Great Seal of France. The French State Seal used for sealing important state documents. It is an important French symbol of state.
Click here for more on French State Seal

Marianne, Personification of France. The French revolution was symbolised by a variety of women, in various headgears, but the one that has become best known as a French symbol is Marianne. Click here for more on Marianne

Liberty. Another female figure used by French Revolutionaries as a French symbol was the Roman goddess Liberty or Liberté.
Click here for more on the goddess Liberty

The Phrygian Cap or Liberty Cap. One of the symbols associated with eighteenth and nineteenth century revolutions - and especially the French Revolution was the red Liberty Cap, an ancient Roman symbol of freedom.
Click here for more on the Liberty Cap

The French Cockerel. The Cockerel (US Rooster) has long been part of French national culture because the Latin words for cockerel and inhabitant of Gaul are similar.
Click here for more on the French Cockerel

The Arms of France. The old Kingdom of France used coats of arms and so, informally, does the Modern French Republic.
Click here for more on the arms of France

Fasces. The modern French Republic like many other republics made extensive use of an ancient Roman symbol, the fasces.
Click here for more on the fasces symbol and its use

The French Panthéon. The monument which comes closest to being a symbol of the Republic is the Pantheon in Paris, built under Louis XV as the Sainte Geneviève Church.
Click here for more about the Panthéon

French stamp 2.30 Francs, 1990The Cross of Lorraine. The Second World War was fought by the Free French under the sign of the Cross of Lorraine , the emblem chosen by the Resistance to distinguish their flag from the tricolour which had been kept by the Vichy Government. The Cross of Lorraine is therefore used regularly on monuments commemorating the 1940-1945 period, from the greatest monuments to the humblest places marking the fighting in the maquis. Click here for more on the Cross of Lorraine



Click here for French Symbols in the sense of accents and punctuation

Click here for information on International Heraldry



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French National Symbols.