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Many pages on this site enjoy high Google Rankings and consistently appear top in searches by Google and other search engines for key words associated with the Languedoc and Roussillon. We have well in excess of 1,000,000 page hits per year - more than any comparable sites - and the number is still growing. There is therefore a widespread interest in linking to this site and in advertising on it.

This site is not primarily commercial but in respond to user requests it is slowly developing commercial aspects. It remains committed to high quality. We are therefore likely to decline offers if your site contains annoying pop-ups, broken links, inaccurate information, material that breaches copyright, etc.

As we build up the commercial site and establishing a customer base, we are establishing standards and currently offering advertisements for 12 months at prices significantly lower than expected future prices. Discounts are available for sites linking to us from pages with a high Google Ranking.

This the site is divided into level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, level 5 pages, article pages, list pages, special pages and Advertiser homepages. No adverts appear on the level 1 page (the home page) or special pages (eg concealed development pages).

The following are options available:


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The standard format of page wide banner add advert costs 78 Euros per year

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In the standard format one photograph is static and the others running on a 3 phase diorama with a changeover rhythm of 5 seconds.

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This presentation is punchy and occupies over a third of the screen on most browsers. It allows advertisers to use four photographs. Photograph sizes: 1 portrait (140 pixels high x 100 wide) 3 landscapes (140 pixels high x 200 pixels wide)

Text format

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We have found by experience that objective factual text is more appealing to visitors than sales brochure style hyperbole.


Advert Pages: Pages dedicated specifically to adverts on topics that viewers are likely to be interested in (eg accommodation, holidays, courses, tours, car hire, naturism).

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Generally no more than one per page.

Appropriate for example on article pages, restaurant pages,property pages, activity holiday pages, and pages offering courses.

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Useful for businesses that do not have their own site.

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