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Holidays in the Languedoc: Tourism and Tourist ativities

This section deals with Languedoc holidays and vacations. It is designed for tourists and visitors to the region. Here you can find information you need and can find and book hotels, hire cars and buy insurance.

Where to Stay

How to get there


Find Hotels, Flights and Vacation Rentals

Holiday Services


Types of Holiday


There is also a page on national public holidays and a series of pages covering various web sources of information départements in the Languedoc, namely the Aude , Gard , Héralt , Lozére , Pyrénées Oriéntals , including Tourist Offices and tourism information.



Travel Insurance (including activity insurance)

You are not obliged to take out travel insurance. If you do want to pay for peace of mind then shop around and make sure you know what you are paying for. Some insurance - such as that offered by Ryanair - is worth only a tiny fraction of what it costs you: a very ppor deal for you; a fantastic profit for them. Indeed this is largely where Ryanair makes its massive profits.

Here are some reputable insurers. Click on the banners to visit their sites.


Single Trip Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance


Annual Travel Insurance
Annual Travel Insurance


Essential Insurance
Travel Insurance


Sports Travel Insurance (from JS Insurers)

Specialist Travel Insurance (from JS Insurers)


Columbus serves the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand

Single Trip Insurance
Annual Insurance
Backpacker Insurance
Ski Insurance
Business Insurance
Adventure Insurance
Over 65 Insurance serves the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand

Single Trip Travel Insurance
Annual Multi Trip
Gap Year Insurance
Long Stay Insurance
Winter Sports



European Car Breakdown Insurance

If you drive to France you might need additional insurance to cover you outside your home country. If you visit the Languedoc, remember that you might want to take a day's excursion to Spain or Andorra.

European Annual Car Breakdown Insurance



Car Hire Excess Insurance

If you hire a car, you might not be happy with the excess that comes as standard. You might be liable for any damage incurred up to a relatively high amount (such as €500). So if you incur damage costing more than €500 you will be personally liable for €500. You can buy insurance to cover such a liability. For a quotation from specialist insurers, click on one of the two links below:

i Car Hire Insurance

Car Hire Excess Insurance


Foreign Exchange

The currency in France is the Euro (€). If you are coming from any anglophone country other than the Irish Republic you will need to change money from £, $ or whatever into €s. The very worst place to exchange money is at an airport, closely followed by your hotel, followed by any French bank, followed by your own local high street bank. You can be sure that when you see a good exchange rate advertised in any of these places there will be additional costs such as a transaction charge. The same is true for International payments, the cost of which is often inflated. Furthermore the banks involved will conspire to keep your money for at least one week, often several weeks.

If you want to get a decent rate then try the Currencies Direct service below.

Currencies Direct 
Foreign Exchange and International Payments


GB £ >>> €
US $ >>> €



Other WebSites

To visit a site offering a range of holiday accommodation in the Languedoc-Roussillon, click on the following link to Relax in France Next.

Enlightened Traveller is family run organisation catering for the discerning visitors, with an emphasis on learning, walking, recreation, and regeneration. Venues include Camargue-Provence, Gardens of Languedoc, La Grande Motte, Le Cevenol, Provençao, Secrets of the Cevennes, Upper Ceze Valley, Valcezard and Uzege. Looks interesting and different.


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