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Getting to the Languedoc:  Commercial Airlines and Charter Flights


  • Commercial Airlines that fly from the UK & Ireland to the Languedoc
  • Commercial Airlines that fly from the US & Canada to the Languedoc
  • Languedoc Airports
  • Airport Hotels (to stay overnight before you leave)
  • Airport Parking in the UK
  • Airport Lounges
  • Charter Flights
  • Once you get there - Car Hire
  • Once you get there - Taxis

    Commercial Airlines that fly from the UK & Ireland to the Languedoc

    If you are travelling from Britain, Ireland or Northern Europe and if you don't mind being treated worse than cattle then your best bet is probably Ryan Air. If you are lucky you may be able to travel by another low-cost airline such as Flybe or Easyjet, which are just as cheap, but will treat you like a human being.

    Remember also that British Airways and Air France might be cheaper than Ryan Air in high season.

    Prices are generally lower if you book on-line (links below) and chose dates mid week outside of school holidays. Most of the flights listed below are daily.

    Airline UK & Ireland France
    Ryan Air Stansted (London-Stansted) Carcassonne (Salvaza), Girona [Spain], Montpellier-Mediterranean, Nîmes-Arles-Camargue, Toulouse (Blagnac), Perpignan (Rivesaltes), Rodez
      Luton Girona, Nîmes-Arles-Camargue
      Liverpool Carcassonne (Salvaza), Girona, Nîmes-Arles-Camargue,
      Edinburgh Carcassonne (Salvaza),
      Glasgow Marseille
      Dublin Carcassonne (Salvaza)
    Easyjet Gatwick (London-Gatwick) Toulouse (Blagnac), Marseille, Nice, Barcelona
      Stansted (London-Stansted) Nice, Barcelona
      Luton Nice, Barcelona
      Bristol Toulouse (Blagnac), Nice, Marseille
      Liverpool Marseille, Nice, Barcelona
      Newscastle Nice, Barcelona
    Flybe Southampton Perpignan (Rivesaltes), Avignon
    Birmingham Perpignan (Rivesaltes), Toulouse (Blagnac)
    Bristol Toulouse (Blagnac)
    Air France Heathrow (London-Heathrow) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Aberdeen, Dyce (ABZ) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Belfast, Belfast City (BHD) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Belfast, Belfast Intl (BFS) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Birmingham, Intl (BHX) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Bristol, Bristol Intl (BRS) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Cardiff, Cardiff Wales (CWL) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Dublin (Dub) - Ireland Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Dundee (DND) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Durham Tees Valley (MME) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Edinburgh (EDI) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Exeter (EXT) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Glasgow, Glasgow Intl (GLA) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Humberside (HUY Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Jersey, States (JER) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Leeds, Leeds Bradford (LBA) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Liverpool, John Lennon (LPL) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      London, City Airport (LCY) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      London, Gatwick (LGW) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      London, Heathrow (LHR) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Manchester, Manchester Intl (MAN) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Newcastle (NCL) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Norwich (NWI) Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Shannon (SNN) - Ireland Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Southampton, Eastleigh (SOU) Toulouse (Blagnac)
    From the UK
    From Ireland
    British Airways Gatwick (London-Gatwick) Toulouse (Blagnac), Montpellier, Marseille, Nice
      Heathrow (London-Heathrow) Nice
    Flybmi Heathrow (London-Heathrow) Nice
      East Midlands Nice
      Birmingham Nice
      Manchester Toulouse (Blagnac), Perpignan (Rivesaltes)
    Jet2 Leeds Bradford Toulouse (Blagnac), Barcelona, Nice
      Manchester Nice
      Misc Toulouse
      Misc Perpignan (PGF)
    Tuifly Rotterdam Montpellier
    Condor Belfast Toulouse
      Birmingham Toulouse
      Bristol Toulouse
      London Gatwick Toulouse
      Manchester Toulouse


    Find cheapflights from a range of airlines from


    Find cheap flights from a range of airlines from Vayama


    Find cheap flights from a range of low cost European carriers from Wegolow


    Find cheap flights from a range of airlines from FlightNetwork




    Commercial Airlines that fly from the US & Canada to the Languedoc

    The Languedoc-Roussillon is poorly served by transatlantic airlines. There are some flights to Toulouse and Barcelona from the US but in general you will be better off flying to London or Paris and then to one of the many local airports.

    Air France (from Canada)


    Airline US & Canada France
    Air France Misc Toulouse (Blagnac)
      Misc Montpellier-Mediterranean
      Misc Perpignan (Rivesaltes)
    From the US
    From Canada
    British Airways   Toulouse (Blagnac), Montpellier, Marseille, Nice
      Misc Toulouse
      Misc Perpignan (PGF)




    Languedoc Airports


    Carcassonne (Salvaza). Aude département,   Cheap flights from the UK,   Staff are on duty to help from 8.00 to 19.45, Monday to Friday, and from 8.00 to 18.30 at weekends,   Contact:   Carcassonne-Salvaza,   Tel: 33 (0)4 68 71 96 46,   Fax: 33 (0)4 68 71 96 48.
    Useful unofficial websiteby Jeff Steiner Carcassonne Airport

    Note re Carcasonne Airport. Alison Judge runs a useful minibus shuttle service from the airport to the Haute Vallée de l'Aude (Carcassonne Limoux Alet-les-Bains — Couiza — Esperaza — Quillan) matching the round trips to the day's flights. Contact + 33 (O)468 20 15 54 or + 33 (0)668 72 05 01. Or book on the website at Aerobus Haute Vallée:

    Montpellier-Mediterranean Airport.   Contact:   Montpellier-Mediterranean Airport,   Tel: 33 (0)4 67 20 85 00,   Fax: 33 (0)4 67 22 02 12,  
    Useful website by Jeff Steiner: Montpellier Airport  

    Nîmes-Arles-Camargue.   Gard Departement.   Cheap flights from the UK. Contact:   Nîmes-Arles-Camargue Airport,   Tel: 33 (0)4 66 70 49 49,   Fax: 33 (0)4 66 70 49 46.
    Useful website by Jeff Steiner: Nimes Airport  

    Perpignan (Rivesaltes).   Pyrenees-Oriental Departement.   Cheap flights from the UK.   Contact:   Perpignan-Rivesaltes International Airport,   Tel: 33 (0)4 68 52 60 70,   Fax: 33 (0)4 68 52 31 03.
    Useful website by Jeff Steiner: Perpignan Airport   

    Béziers-Agde-Vias Airport.   Contact:   Béziers Airport,   Tel: 33 (0)467 90 99 10,   Fax: 33 (0)4 67 90 99 00,
    Useful website by Jeff Steiner: Beziers Airport

    Toulouse (Blagnac).  Not in the Languedoc-Roussillon, but near enough for inclusion here. Website:

    Girona (in Spain but not far from the French border) has links with many european Airports:

    Brussels Thomas Cook — Tui Airlines
    Brussels/Charleroi — Thomas Cook, Ryanair

    Czech Republic
    Prague/Ruzyne Czech Airlines — Travel Services

    England, Scotland And Wales
    Birmingham Intl. — Thomas Cook Britannia Airways
    Blackpool — Ryanair
    Bournemouth — Ryan Air
    Cardiff — Britannia Airways
    Doncaster-Sheffield/Robin Hood — Britannia Airways
    Glasgow — My Travel, Britannia Airways
    Glasgow Prestwick — Ryanair
    Kent/Manston — Eujet Airlines
    Liverpool Intl. — Ryanair
    London/Luton — Ryanair
    London/Stanstead — Ryanair
    London/Gatwick — My Travel, britannia Airways
    Manchester Intl — Britannia Airways,My Travel, Thomas Cook, Air Scandic
    Newcastle — Thomas Cook, Spanair, Britannia Airways
    Nottingham/East Midlands — My Travel, Ryanair
    Teeside Durham/Tees Valley — Britannia Airways

    Frankfurt/Hahn — Ryanair
    Karlsruhe/Baden — Ryanair
    Niederrhein — Ryanair

    Amsterdam/Schipol — Transavia
    Eindhoven — Ryanair
    Rotterdam — Transavia

    Budapest/Ferihegy — Wizz Air
    Malev — Hungarian Airlines

    Belfast/Intl. — My Travel
    Dublin — Ryanair
    Shannon — Ryanair

    Alghero —
    Florence/Gal Galilei — Ryanair
    Milan/Orio Al Serio — Ryanair
    Rome/Ciampino — Ryanair
    Venice/Treviso — Ryanair

    Katowice/Pyrzowice — Wizz Air
    Warsaw — Lot

    Stockholm/Skavsta — Ryanair



    UK Airport Hotels

    Airport Hotels



    Airport Parking

    Airport Parking in the UK:


    Airport Parking



    Airport Parking Shop




    Airport Lounges

    Even if you're not flying First or Business Class, you can still pay to salvage a shred of dignity at the airport

    Airport Lounges



    Charter Flights

    Not Yet Available




    Once You Get There - Taxis

    Not Yet Available



    Travel Insurance


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