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Things to do in the Languedoc:   Land Sports

Cycling.  Cycling is the French national sport, so cyclists are welcomed everywhere.  Drivers of motor vehicles will give you much more consideration than horse riders.  You are at liberty to dress up in lycra cycling uniforms identical to those worn by the other 50 members of your cycling club, and no Frenchman will find you at all humourous.  Serious cyclists can head for the Pyrenees or the many miles of off-road tracks.  Normal mortals can hire bicycles ("velos") in many towns.  Canal towpaths have the great advantage of being flat. For more information, click here Next.

Riding.  Horses can be hired at many stables.  You can take extended tours (right across the Pyrenees to the Atlantic coast).  You can also arrange to ride each day from one gîte d'étape to another, having yourmeals provided and your luggage delivered by road so it is waiting for you at your new gîte each evening. For more information, click here Next.

Rugby.  Rugby is extremely popular here.  Every town has a team, and some have serious teams who play internationally.

Off-road motorcycling.  Please don't.






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