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Things to do in the Languedoc:   Watersports:   Canoeing and Kyacking.

The best place for this sort of activity is without doubt the River Aude, where national championships are often held.  The river Aude has its source in the the high Pyrenees and runs North to Carcassonne before turning East towards theMediterranean Sea.  In times past felled trees were floated down here.  The river is navigable for most of its length in various waters, from foaming white water for thrill-seekers or quiet waters for families. The upper reaches, around Quillan, are ideal for white water sports (canoeing, rafting, tubing, white water swimming, and canyoning)

Canoeing down the river Aude, in 6 sections (9 stages) over 170 km.  The stages are classed from I (safe and easy) to IV (dificult and potentially dangerous):
1 Bayra - Pierre Lys. 12 km, class III to IV.  The descent of the "Gorges de l'Aude".  Suitable for thrill seekers.
2 Pierre Lys - Couiza.  16 km, class II.  Sportive stage with rapids.
3 Couiza - Piège à Loup.  13 km, class II. A tranquil section passing through Alet-les-Bains.
4 Piège à Loup - Carcassonne.  33.5 km, class I to II.  Long section, in 2 stages with a stop at Pomas.
5 Carcassonne - Puichéric.  34 km, class I to II.  Quiet section.
6 Puichéric - Mer Méditéerranée.  61 km, class I to III.   3 day section in 3 stages.


Canoe-Cayak Club De Quillan, Quillan, Vallee de l'Aude, Jean Pascal DELMAS, route de Perpignan, 11500 QUILLAN

Canoeing-Kayaking in the Cevennes. Gorges of the Tarn.  45 km stretch of the river is navigable for trips lasting up to four days.  April to October.  For beginners and those with some experience.  Qualified guides.  Groups of ten to fifteen
  • 7 km - Castelbouc to Sainte Enimie
  • 13 km - Sainte Enimie to La Malène
  • 20 km - Castelbouc to La Malène
  • 28 km - Sainte Enimie to Le Pas de Soucy
  • 30 km - Castelbouc to Le Pas de Soucy
Contact: Cévennes Evasion, 5, Place Boyer, 48400 Florac
Web:, or
Tel & Fax: from France. + from abroad.
Guides and useful addresses:
  • Topo Guides Pays d'Accueil d'Axat, collection Rivières de France, Gorges et Canyons en Languedoc Roussillon EDISUD.
  • Topo Guides FFCK La Vallée de l'Aude, collection Rivières de France, Gorges et Canyons en Languedoc Roussillon EDISUD.
  • Ligue Languedoc Roussillon de canoë kayak, Maison Départementale des Sports, 200 avenue du Père Soulas, 34094 Montpellier, cedex 05, Tel: 04 67 41 78 40
  • Comité Départemental de Canoë kayak de l'Aude, Maison Départementale des Sports, 8 rue Camille Saint Saëns, 11000 Carcassonne


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