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Things to do in the Languedoc:   Food:   Regional Specialities:   Fish and Sea Food

  • Anchovies.  Fresh, in salt or in oil, still processed by hand. Collioure is the centre of production. The "anchoïeurs" of this Catalan port will show you how they are prepared.
  • Anchoïade.   Anchoïade is a subtle sauce which combines anchovies, garlic, onion, basil and olive oil.  Spread it on bread lightly toasted over a fire of vine shoots.  It is best served with local Picholine green olives.
  • Oysters.  from Bouzigues - a small, typically Mediterranean, fishing village, the cradle of shellfish farming.  You can visit the conchylicole farms, see the oyster beds, and meet the "sea farmers", and sample their products. Although oysters are a delicacy and eaten for special feasts they do not share the exclusivity they have in the Anglo-Saxon world. At New Year an ordinary fishmonger will typically offer at least six varieties of oyster available in a choice of sizes. They are mostly eaten raw with a squeeze of lemon or a shallot and vinegar sauce in portions of about a dozen. Oysters are typically accompanied by chilled white wines. . Oysters can be bought at any fishmonger or supermarket. At Barcares on the coast there is an oyster bar village by the waters.  
  • Brandade de Nîmes.   A Gard speciality made with cod and olive oil.  The ingredients are thoroughly mixed to form a white, creamy paste which is usually combined with a touch of garlic and olive oil and boiled, mashed potatoes.  Served with a green salad or as a gratin.  It can also be served as petits-fours or spread on toast.
  • Bourride de Séte  Monkfish is seared in olive oil, then simmered in white wine and thickened with a good strong aioli (garlic mayonnaise). It is served on a bed of toasted bread, with small, finely chopped vegetables.   Ingredients vary from place to place - it can also be made using cuttlefish or squid.
  • Gigot de mer à la palavasienne.  Another monkfish dish.  Flavoured with garlic and served on a bed of tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes and peppers.
  • Encornets farcis.  Stuffed squid, a Sète speciality that originated in Italy. Generally served with rice. The squid are filled with a stuffing made from meat, soaked bread, egg, garlic and parsley.  They are seared in olive oil and sometimes flambéed in cognac, before being simmered in a tomato sauce.   In some recipes, the sauce is thickened with aioli, a garlic mayonnaise.
  • Local Seafood Platters.  Featuring snails, sea urchins, mussels, clams, Thau basin oysters.
  • Morue Catalane. Cod with tomatoes and pepper.
  • Tielle.  a kind of seasoned seafood pie, made with a golden pastry, soaked in the cooking juices. Popular at Sète.
  • Tellines.  Little clams.  
  • Ttoro.  Fish Stew


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Languedoc Food Specialities: Fish.

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Fish and Sea-Food