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Living in the Languedoc:      Driving

Remember to carry your national id (your passport will do), a permis de conduire (a UK licence can be used for up to a year in France), a carte grise or other car ownership papers, and a carte verte or other proof of third-party insurance (not required for UK registered vehicles).   Bear in mind that you may need a visa in you are not a EU citizen.  

You should be aware that radar detectors are illegal in France, whether in use or not. If caught, you are liable to a prison sentence, a fine, confiscation of the device and confiscation of the vehicle. You should therefore ensure radar detectors are removed from your vehicle before commencing any journey to France.

In this section you can read about the Rules of the Road in France, some Road Signs that you may not be familiar with, Driving and the Law

relevant to road users, and Driving Conventions that you may not find in books about France.

You can also find out about Driving to the Languedoc from the UK, about Motorways (Autoroutes) and how to avoid traffic jams, and some Special considerations in the Languedoc.

For further advice contact the AA.  

For up to date information about French roads contact Information Routiére (+34 826 02 20 22) or the Centre Régional d'Information et de co-ordination Routiéres (+34 806 02 20 22).

For information about French motorways contact the Centre de Renseignements Autoroutes (+34 147 05 90 01) or listen on the radio to Autoroute Info in French on 107.7 FM.

Click on the following link togo to another section for information about Car Hire in the Languedoc.

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