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Living in the Languedoc:      Media

TV: Roughly as appalling as the UK, and therefore not quite as bad as the US. Unwatchable unless you like mindless quiz shows, wall-to-wall variety shows and American films. France has six terrestrial stations:

  • 1: TF1. Private Channel. Wall to wall rubbish.
  • 2: FRANCE 2. State Channel. Wall to wall rubbish.
  • 3: FRANCE 3. State Channel. Wall to wall rubbish.
  • 4: CANAL PLUS. Private Subscription Channel. Most programmes are encrypted. Worth the subscription.
  • 5: La Cinqe/ARTE. Two stations sharing a Private Channel, ARTE after 7pm. Arte is a Franco-German company. Good, but a little worthy. Half the programmes are in German.
  • 6: M6. Private Channel. Wall to wall rubbish.

These channels and TV5 Europe are also transmitted via satellite (at no charge except CANAL PLUS).   Other French channels are available by satellite, but require monthly subscriptions to view.   The operators are TPS and ABSAT.  

You can get foreign Channels on Astra and Eurobirds at 28.2° East.   Transmissions are 95% English with ethnic stations, these are the satellites used by BSkyB.   The UK national channels can be viewed at no charge, i.e. BBC 1, 2, 4, ITV, Ch4 & Ch5.

The European standard is Pal/Bg, but in France the standard is SECAM.   TVs and VCRs purchased in France are therefore always multi-standard.

If you import a TV capable of receiving French TV programmes you should declare it within 30days to your local Centre Régional de la Redevance Audiovisuelle, as it must be licensed.   Similarly, if somebody gives you a television, you should declare it.

If you have several television sets in the same residence, you only need to pay the licence fee for one. A television licence is required by all TV owners except those aged 65 and over who do not pay the wealth tax (Impôt de Solidarité sur la Fortune) and who were not taxable two years before the year the TV licence is due.   Normally, if you buy a TV in France, the retailer will inform the authorities and a TV licence fee bill will follow automatically after a few months. or one.   If you have a black & white TV and a colour TV, you need to pay the fee for a colour television.   If you possess one television in one residence and another set in another residence, you need to pay two fees. The licence can be paid in three instalments.   If you don't declare your television and are caught, the fee will be doubled and you may be requiredto pay the fees for up to three years past, plus surcharges which will be applied.   Agents of the Centre Régional de la redevance may come to your house to check whether you own a set or not, but they cannot demand to carry out a search of your house.

French BroadbandTelevision:

When you get fed up and want some good French DVD's: try here for some recommended French films Ex

If you want to watch British television try here for further information Ex



The Midi Libre - Languedoc Newspaper. The Independant - Languedoc Newspaper. Le Monde - National Newspaper. Midi Libre - Languedoc Newspaper. Newspapers:

As well as the national newpapers you will find a number of French newspaper dedicated to the south of the country. Among them are the Midi, and The Independant.



Again much the same sort of range as the UK. Radio Four fans will enjoy France Culture which is just like radio Four translated into French (even the boring plays).




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