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Languedoc Property:  Buying Property in the Languedoc: Finding a House to Live In

If you are thinking about buying in the Languedoc, there are a number ofways of setting about it:

  • (a) Visit the area you're interested in and search out home-made "A Vendre" signs. You will not need to pay anyone a commission, but the vendor's valuation of their own property might be a little ambitious.
  • (b) Contact local notaires. Notaires (notaries) are government officials responsible for overseeing and authenticating property sales. They often have properties to sell and their commissions are fixed by law. Pot luck.
  • (c) Look in local Languedoc newspapers for property for sale
  • (d) Search on the internet, especially useful if you have a specific area in mind. You'll find a mix of properties for sale privately, and properties advertised by estate agents (French estate agents having recently discovered the internet). Here's an example of what you'll find for Properties in the Languedoc-Roussillon
  • (e) Attend property auctions (vente aux enchères). Auctions are advertised in local newspapers. This being France, a notaire or lawyer will need to bid on your behalf.
  • (f) Visit a French Real Estate Agent (Agence Immobilier). Immobilier are strictly regulated in France (like everything else) and their commissions are fixed by law.
  • (g) Use a property finding service. Just specify what you're looking for and let someone else find it. (You might have thought that an ordinary estate agent could do this, but you'll find that estate agents are only interested in selling whatever they have on their books this week, not what you're looking for, so unless you're lucky the two might not overlap)
  • (h) Buy an international property magazine (such as France, French Property News, Focus on France and Bonjour. Also Homes Abroad, International Homes and Homes Overseas)
  • (i) Visit a foreign (eg British) Estate Agent specialising in French Property. Many agents immobiliers operate through UK agencies (and share the commission)
The import thing to bear in mind is that as you work down the list the amount of effort you need to devote to the exercise goes down, and the price goes up.  If your time is worth more than 500Euros a day then it is sensible to do (g) (h) or (i) especially if you are looking for a more executive style property.   Otherwise you will be much better off doing (a) - (f), even if it means renting a place for a few weeks in an area you're interested in.   .

Some gîtes offer significant discounts for property hunters out of season, especially for bookings of two weeks or more.

For three in the heart of Cathar country, click
here .
here . or
here .



Property surveys are not part of the normal buying & selling process in France, but there is no reason why you should not commission your own survey for your own peace of mind. There are almost no professional surveyors in the Sounth of France so are difficult to find. The most popular one, operating since 2002, is John Marchall at


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