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The Counts of Toulouse and the Cross of Toulouse:  Occitan:  Some Selected Sayings.

No language has a monopoly in insight or wisdom, but some have more than others. Here are some of the webmaster's favourites along with English translations:


Per èstre urous, n' ès que de s'en creire. To be happy, it is enough to think you are.
Calquecop le pa que be quand las denses s'en soun anandos. Sometimes the bread arrives after the teeth have gone.
Ten le gendre lèns è le tiu femouriè proche. Keep your son-in-law at a distance and your manure close at hand.
Fennos, libres è chabals se prèston pas. Wives, books and horses should not be lent.
Ibal mès un repetit à la padeno qu'uno auco que bolo à la sereno. Better a wren in the pan than a goose in the sky.
Qui beu amarguent pot pos escupi dous. Who drinks bitter cannot spit sweet.
Bélo fenno, miralh de fat. Beautiful woman, mirror of a fool.
Medicis joubes, cementèris boussuts. Young physicians: bulging cemeteries.
Les barralhos an ès è las parets aurelhos. Hedges have eyes and walls ears.
Dos fennos: un mercat. Tres: une fièiro. Two women: a market. Three: a fair.
Le que rira à la finèstro, plourara darrè la porto. Who laughs in front of a window will cry behind a door.
Le que nèich pounjut pot pos mouri carrat. He who is born pointed cannot die square.
Clau d'or è clau d'argent dèrben tout apartment. Gold and silver keys open all doors.
Dabant la mort èle foc nou i a cap de benjenço. Against death and fire there is no revenge.
A cado ausèl soun nits qu'i es bèl. To every bird his own nest appears beautiful.
Ço que tres personnos saben es pos un secrèt That which three people know is not a secret
Cadun biro l'aigo debès soun mouli. Everyone diverts the water to his own mill.
Te bos fèun ennemic ? Prèsto argent à toun amic. You want to make an enemy? Lend money to a friend.
Cal pos cambia un chabal bornhe per un d'abugle. Do not swap a one-eyed horse for a blind one.
A bint ans qui boli. Abint è cinq qui trobi. A trento qui me bol. At twenty, whoever I want. At twenty five, whoever I find. At thirty, whoever wants me.
Uno benso joube è richo, and'un èl plouro, e ande l'autre que plouquejo. A young rich widow weeps with one eye and winks with the other.
Lou d'uno ouro, pa del joun, bi d'un an, peich d'un moument, fenno de quinze ans è amic de trento ans. An egg of the hour, bread of the day, wine of a year, fish of the moment, wife of fifteen and friend of thirty years.
Joube que belho, bièl que dèrm, sinne de mort. Youth that stays awake; the old who sleep: indications of death.
Fenno que manjo pas debant bous, darrè que manjo mès qe dous. A woman who does not eat in front of you eats twice as much in secret.
Si debes, escriu sus l'aciè; Si on te deu, escriu sul sable. What is owed to you, write in steel. What you owe, write in sand.
Qui bol peta pus naut que nou a le tiul, se fa un trauc à l'esquino. Who wants to fart higher than his arse, makes a hole in his back-bone.
Fenno morto, capél nou. Dead wife: new hat.



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