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Troubadours and Troubairitz ( The Name in Occitan. Trobadors / troubairitz):   A Troubairitz Song

The following is a song by La Comtessa da Dia, The Countess of Die, a troubairitz around AD 1200

Estat ai en greu cossirier

Estat ai en greu cossirier / per un cavallier q'ai agut,
e voill sia totz temps saubut / cum eu l'ai amat a sorbrier;
ara vei q'ieu sui trahida / car eu non li donei m'amor,
don ai estat en gran error / en lieig quand sui vestida.

Ben volria mon cavalier / tener un ser e mos bratz nut,
q'el s'en tengra per ereubut / sol q'a lui fezes cosseiller;
car plus m'en sui abellida / no fetz Floris de Blanchaflor:
eu l'autrei mon cor e m'amor / mon sen, mos houills e ma     vida.

Bels amics, avinens e bos, / tenrai e mon poder ?
e que jagues ab vos un ser / e des un bais amoros !
Sapchatz, gran talan n'auria / tengues en luoc del
ab so que m'aguessetz plevit / de far tot so qu'eu volria.
I was plunged into deep distress

I was plunged into deep distress / by a knight who wooed me,
and I wish to confess for all time / how passionately I loved him;
Now I feel myself betrayed, / for I did not tell him of my love.
therefore I suffer great distress / in bed and when I am fully

Would that my knight might one night / lie naked in my arms
and find myself in ecstasy / with me as his pillow.
For I am more in love with him / than Floris was with Blanchfleur.
to him I give my heart and love, / my reason, eyes and life.

Handsome friend, tender and good, / when will you be mine ?
Oh, to spend with you but one night / to impart the kiss of love !
Know that with passion I cherish / the hope of you in my husband's
as soon as you have sworn to me / that you will fulfil my every wish.



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