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Political Geography of the Languedoc: The Lozère département

The arms of the Lozere. The département is divided into 2 arrondissements: Florac and Mende. There are 25 cantons, of which 24 are separate towns.

The departmental number of the Lozère (which you will find encoded in French numbers - eg telephone numbers, post codes and numbers on motor car vehicle registration plates) is 48.

The département of Lozère is located in the southeastern part of the Massif Central on the Atlantic-Mediterranean watershed.


All of Lozère's rivers and streams, some 400, have their sources in the département itself. The Allier River, which originates in the Maure de la Gardille range, flows for 25 miles along Lozère's northeastern border. The Tarn River begins south of Mount Lozère and the Lot River rises south of the Montagne du Goulet. It flows east through Mende. Several small rivers, including the Chassezac, one of the wildest torrents in France, flow into the Rhône Basin via the Ardèche River and the Gard River.

Cities: Mende (capital of the Lozère)
Ports: N/A. The Lozère is the only département in the Languedoc-Roussillon that is not on the coast of the Gulf of Lyon (Golfe de Lyon).
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Margeride and Aubrac cover diverse landscapes from the open spaces and pasturelands of Aubrac, the hills of close-cropped heather, to the moors and woodlands of Margeride. Flora includes alpine fennel, mountain arnica and purple foxgloves. Water is always nearby, from the fast-flowing streams that course down the hillsides to the placid lakes of Aubrac, the most famous of which is called Saint-Andéol. This is the land of the 'Beast of Gévaudan' - a mysterious wild animal, possibly a wolf, which devoured pilgrims on their way through the region in the 18th century. (There is a well known French film on the mystery). You can visit an animal park to view the local wildlife in safety: wolves at Sainte-Lucie, and European bison at Sainte-Eulalie.

Towns and villages of the region include the rural holiday centre of Chanac, La Canourgue, known as the 'Venice of Lozère'; the medieval town of Mende, with cobbled, narrow streets and stone-tiled roofs. Here the cathedral and three-arched gothic bridge tower over the river Lot. The Lot valley offers opportunities for sports and other activities: golf, riding schools, fishing, health farms, and hydrotherapy (at Bagnols-les-Bains). Food produced in the area includes cheeses, hams, preserves, honeys and 'aligot' - a speciality of Lozère, made with mashed potatoes and tomme cheese.

Les Monts Lozere
Les Monts Lozere Giclee Print


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The Losere (red) in the Languedoc (orange) within France (yellow)).
The Lozère département